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The New York City and U.S. tech ecosystems are bubbling with innovation! NUMA Learning Expeditions allow you to experience innovation at its source. We build and lead Learning Expeditions for clients in:

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Sample Learning Expeditions

Education and EdTech Learning Expedition

Understand innovations in workforce development, Design thinking and new democratic methods of design, explore services to reskill and upskill your workforce, build a modern LMS system to properly educate your workers, new educational methods

Financial and Insurance Services Expedition

Quantitative-analysis for private equities, regulatory sandboxes and the ability to test products, underlying networks that make building FinTech easy, use reg tech to support your businesses compliance efforts, how to build financial and insurance services millennials will use and love, build an unbundled service to win market share

3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing Expedition

New printing methods for complex components, print with challenging or multiple materials, connect with large corporations assembling with 3D printed parts, research center developments, explore use cases in industrials, space, defense, medical, and energy

Retail, eCommerce, and Fashion Expedition

Future of in-store experience, dissecting the rise of Direct to Consumer (DTC) brands, reimagining supply chain and inventory management, understanding the best practices for e-commerce, HR in retail and how to leverage technology to create the most powerful workforce

Technology, Media, and Telecom Expedition

Learn about content consumption and delivery trends and how it will share the future of the media industry, how to build an immersive content experience with powerful social and collaboration elements, Use data science to build powerful recommendation engines and understand the content that resonates with your consumers, provide speed and access like never before with technological advances like 5G

Healthcare, Energy or Advanced Manufacturing Expedition

Predict and prevent problems with digital Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, Integrate predictive analytics for better, data-driven results to give your company a competitive advantage, Prioritizing security, identification, and storage of sensitive information, Current and future potential of robotics


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