Company Profile:

Julien Faliu

Founder & CEO

Where we're from

Port Louis, Mauritius

What we do provides content, networking facilities, and services to help expats and future expats all around the world!

More about what we do is a holistic social platform dedicated to life abroad. We provide content, networking facilities, and services to help expats and those preparing to live abroad make their expatriation project a success! Our platform is available in five different languages, and has been leveraged by 56M people. receives 2M unique visitors per month and counts 2.6M members. In 2018 the company generated USD 1.2M income and USD 350K net profit (before taxes). Most of our income comes from our intermediary position with international health insurance companies, international movers, and financial services. These are primary services for expats and expats-to-be. We receive commission from our partners every time we send them a qualified lead. 

Why we're AWESOME

Even though we are entirely bootstrapped, we already have 2.6M members, receive 80K~100K unique visitors per day, and made over USD 1M in income last year! Our first class domain name surely helps.

3 major accomplishments

1) Acquiring (we were until Jan 2016)

2) Recruiting a team of 20+ professionals

3) Selling to major brands all around the world

Top US goals

1) Learn how to go global


2) Find investors


3) Re-locate and launch operations in the US! 

Where we need your help

Our objective for 2020 is to develop a worldwide market place that allows businesses and individuals to offer useful services in the context of relocation and expatriation. In order to accelerate our international transformation and development, we are looking for 5-10M$ from investors.

We want to scale globally and support millions of individuals who live abroad or are thinking about living abroad. To do so, we'll surely have to find great investors who understand the challenge of living abroad and who are excited to support us.

We need help in identifying and attracting these investors. We also want to know how to develop the best product for a US audience, convert visitors into members, and sell more services.