Spring 2020 Cohort

We work hard to connect our startups with the amazing mentors in our network, who can provide them with valuable insights on their market and operations in the US. 


Check out the companies below and schedule a time to get to know them better!

Datavora delivers e-commerce monitoring for B2C actors through data extraction from online marketplaces.

Braincities uses powerful AI technology to make cities and companies smarter and more efficient. They help XXI century organizations build amazing teams, cities measure the emotional EQ and strengths of their population, Fintech and cryptocurrencies startups predict price series and market tendencies

Expat.com is the leading community and exchange platform for expats, offering tools and services to help expats make the most of their experience abroad.

PuutWallet is an all-in-one digital wallet platform that allows you to receive, store and use your cards, tickets, money, receipts and invoices all at once.

Qudini provides innovative technology that enables brands to transform their in-store Customer Experience. Qudini’s platform  enables retailers to: increase revenues, enhance customer loyalty, improve operational efficiency and obtain more granular analytics on their store operations (such as wait times, appointment bookings, time & motion and more).  

Hotwax Commerce is an asset-lite model omnichannel retail solution that allows commerce companies to take ownership of strategies, operations, and customer experience in order to maximize revenue at scale.

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