Company Profile: Qudini

Imogen Wethered

Co-Founder & CEO

Raj Sangha

Commercial Director

Where we're from

London, United Kingdom

What we do

Qudini's B2B Retail Choreography Software Suite enables retailers to optimize their experience, operations and data.

More about what we do

Qudini enables brands to transform their in-store customer experience through a range of innovative solutions, including: appointment scheduling, queue management, event management, task management, shop-floor management, and more!

Why we're AWESOME

We have global enterprise clients, and we pioneered Retail Choreography!

3 major accomplishments

1) 30% of our ARR are from international clients


2) We have 4 products in the retail market


3) Our co-founders were 23 (Imogen) and 26 (Fraser) when founding Qudini!

Top US goals

1) Building Long Term Pipeline


2) 3x POC's off the ground


3) Understanding the traction for our product in the US market

Where we need your help

1) Contacts (in the Retail space)


2) Sales & marketing advice

3) Investors