Executive Trainings

Our training programs are designed to revamp companies’ work culture by transforming knowledge into action. The impact of our trainings are tangible results and improved employee performance and engagement.

We transform your work culture through three tracks:

1. Management culture: for managers that want to bring more operational clarity to their teams and ensure team engagement and productivity

Examples of content: 

  • How to develop a feedback culture

  • How to engage my team by creating structure

  • How to become a coach for my team

2. Efficiency culture: for team members that want to improve work-life balance, and create a stronger impact in the workplace

  • How to use digital tools to collaborate efficiently with my team

  • How to prioritize and manage my time effectively

  • How to structure impactful meetings

3. Entrepreneurship culture: for all team members, regardless of role or seniority, who want to leverage entrepreneurial methods and mindsets

  • How to develop creativity in business 

  • How to use Design Thinking in my projects

  • How to organize collective intelligence moments

Our offerings

Virtual and in-person trainings


We craft customized training programs that help teams develop and practice new skills while creating a unique team-bonding experience. 


Let us know your educational goals and we’ll design the best experience for your team, virtually or in-person!

NUMA Activate 


NUMA Activate allows the roll-out of new practices with the help of a coach and a community of peers, and includes:


Monthly Challenges: Each month, a challenge encourages you to experiment new working practices.


Coaching: A coach helps you implement newly acquired practices in your workplace and manage your progress.

Community: Peer-to-peer sharing sessions ensure engagement and reinforce learning.

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