Spring 2020 Cohort


In one sentence: Akur8 revolutionizes insurance pricing with transparent AI!


Akur8's unique AI-based insurance pricing solution automates risk modeling for insurance companies while keeping full transparency and control on the models created. Akur8 is the only solution on the market that bridges the machine learning and actuarial worlds. Akur8’s proprietary technology not only accelerates pricing time to market tenfold, it also increases the predictive power of the pricing models generated, and allows for better internal governance of pricing models and mechanisms.


HotWax Commerce delivers omnichannel as a service to fashion brands to grow their top-line revenues.


PuutWallet is an all-in-one digital wallet platform that allows you to receive, store and use your cards, tickets, money, receipts and invoices all at once.

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Qudini's B2B Retail Choreography Software Suite empowers retailers by optimizing their experience, operations, and data management.


Expat.com is a holistic social platform dedicated to supporting expats all around the world!


Datavora delivers e-commerce monitoring for B2C actors through data extraction from online marketplaces.

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