Company Profile: HotWax Commerce

Anil Patel


Divesh Dutta

VP of Growth

Where we're from

Indore, India

What we do

HotWax Commerce delivers omnichannel as a service to fashion brands to grow their top-line revenues.

More about what we do

HotWax Commerce is a plug-n-play omnichannel commerce cloud solution that offers Mobile Commerce and Distributed Order Management. Our Mobile Commerce feature reduces page load time to under 3 seconds on mobile devices, which in turn, increases conversion rates up to 100%. Our Distributed Order Management tool allows brands to integrate online and physical stores for a seamless shopping experience.


With HotWax Commerce, customers can: 

1) Buy online and pick from the store

2) Buy online and return in-store

3) Buy in-store and get delivery at home

4) Buy in-store and pick-up at another store

5) Buy online fulfillment from the store


This seamless customer experience increases conversion rates and average order value, and impacts top-line revenue growth for brands.

Why we're AWESOME

1) Since we're focused on the fashion industry, brands don't need to spend excess money on customizations.

2) Our plug-n-play solution integrates with the existing technology stack + Implementation takes less than 90 days = Faster go-to-market for brands.

3) We offer simple metered pricing with a low upfront cost. Brands hate rev-share agreements. So, we're able to remain inexpensive and highly competitive.

3 major accomplishments

1) Recognized by Gartner in their Cool Vendor Guide.

2) Onboarded 15 customers without spending money on marketing or outbound sales.

3) Currently implementing a pilot project for Steve Madden. Post pilot Steve Madden will be our case-study enterprise fashion customer in the US market.

Top US goals

1) Refine our messaging to effectively communicate our value proposition to the US retail brands.


2) Develop effective sales pitch and practice delivering it.


3) Get at least 10 corporate introductions and acquire the first 3 customers for our product in the US.

Where we need your help

1) Validating our solution and value proposition from the US fashion retailer's perspective.


2) Developing an effective US sales pitch.


3) Developing relationships with decision-makers in fashion retail and guidance in closing the deal.


4) Building a roadmap to hit $10 million in North America in 3 years.


5) Analyzing the company's structure, sales plan, marketing plan, product development plan, perform gap analysis and recommend next steps to grow the company. 


6) Setting short & long-term objectives for the company.


7) Developing a partnership with corporate and consulting giants!