Detect Technologies develops innovative and efficient solutions for industrial asset monitoring and inspection. With the vision of making industries safe and efficient, we are a team of passionate people, working together to build smart and affordable technology.

Humanitec is an engineering-first company that set out to create tools for developers, from developers. Their solution helps dev teams saving thousands of hours of redundant and inefficient software development, increasing both performance and engineers’ happiness.

Paytomat is a decentralized payment infrastructure and mobile wallet. Digital assets management, cross-border and retail payments, tokenized stocks purchase and management and more.

TagBox is enabling organizations to make their Supply Chains more reliable. We are solving six key problems relevant to global supply chains: End to end traceability of every SKU or batch; Temperature compliance for cold chains; Physical damage of fragile goods; Spoilage of environmentally sensitive goods;

Faveeo is the first AI-Driven Trusted Content Platform which highlights only reliable, meaningful content on any topic, by finding and following the most trusted and valuable sources. We accelerates the discovery of people, and content that really matter, for any topic, it simplifies your social media insights by highlighting key metrics and trends from influencers in your industry, and it expands the distribution of great content to any channel thanks to our smart, automated publishing API.