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Our Innovation Tours in the New York City ecosystem help teams stay one step ahead of industry disruption, reach target innovation growth, and meet strategic goals

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We are Leaders in Corporate Innovation

For 18 years, NUMA has operated within Corporate Innovation and Startup ecosystems, running 150 Innovation projects and accelerating over 550 startups. 

Our Innovation Tours Create Results 

We create immersive experiences and innovation programs that empower leaders to make change happen faster and have greater impact.


Participants acquire skills and knowledge related to specific topics and work methodologies. Workshop modules and sessions are designed to validate each learning and ensure the key takeaways of the Innovation Tour.


Participants connect with key stakeholders in their field of interest, and engage in dialogue with innovative organizations and cutting edge startups.


Participants go through inspirational sessions visiting innovation hubs, meeting with innovation leaders and startups and getting their hands dirty with exclusive experiences with emerging technologies.


Our Process

ASSESS: Preparation and Program Design

We define your objectives and build a program with the relevant speakers and experiences to bring about the greatest insight.

PRACTICE: Immersion and Discovery

We deliver the learning journey and its various modules. Participants enjoy their inspirational experience with on the spot value.


We can do wrap-up sessions at one of our global offices or follow up with remote coaching sessions to help our participants apply the acquired knowledge into their daily jobs.

Plans & Packages


3 to 5 modules a day

Best for groups up to 4

Scout Example Program

We created a 2-day Food Service Innovation LEX for our clients. Participants engaged in a schedule filled with In-store experiences with 8 restaurants, boutiques and retail companies + 11 meetings with key players innovating in the food service, retail, and payments space.


5 to 7 modules a day

Best for groups up to 12 

Inspire Example Program

We crafted a 3-day Education Technology LEX for our clients.  Strong focus on understanding the Educational Technology ecosystem and new education products in New York. Three days of exploration and testing of key hypotheses for the global executive education market.


Flexible Schedule

Most high-touch experience for any size group

Transform Example Program

We crafted for a major cloud provider a 5 day complete and immersive experience to discover the latest trends and innovations in the retail sector. 20+ meetings with industry leaders, in-store guided visits and tailored workshops. First class accommodations, dining at New York’s finest restaurants + extra activities (e.g. hockey match, city tours, cocktail events).



"A very comprehensive experience of the innovative trends reshaping the retail industry, mixing experts insights and in-the-field examples."

Edouard Francois

Head of Accelerator at


"The quality of the speakers was incredibly high, and it's simply unbeatable to have access to such tremendous organizations and high profile persons themselves."

MAIF Participants

"The whole week was incredibly rich and it is impossible not to mention the incredible view from the One World Trade Center."

Pierre Cellard 

Director of Innovation at

Maisons du Monde

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