• NUMA New York

Announcing our Spring 2019 Cohort!

Our Spring 2019 Cohort is also quite photogenic!

Spring is in the air and NUMA’s new batch of startups have arrived in New York! We are excited to introduce the four startups that make up our wonderful Spring 2019 Cohort. These startups are a special group and were carefully selected as we admitted less than 1% of the startups that applied. During the next ten weeks, our companies will be working hard to build out new B2B and B2C sales, secure new partnerships, and gain traction in the U.S. market. Learn more about our awesome group of companies below:


Pitch line: Disruptivo.tv is the main digital media and education platform for social entrepreneurship in Mexico and Latin America. They produce videos, podcasts, articles, and strategic content about social entrepreneurship, innovation, startups and business.

Bottom line: Disruptivo.tv has reached over 1,000,000 people with its content, taught over 12,000 students, collaborated with more than 120 universities, and has accelerated over 40 social companies. In 2018 they were acknowledged as Mexico’s “Top Organization Promoting Entrepreneurship” by the President and Secretary of Economy of the Country. While in New York, they are looking to replicate their success by delivering education programs and adapting their content to fit the US market. They are on a mission to inspire millions and make a change for the better; which is what we expect them to do as they grow!

Atlantia Search

Pitch line: Atlantia Search is the marketplace for market research. They are transforming the market research industry by making it easy, fast and convenient.

Bottom line: Atlantia Search has raised $1.2m in funding, and already has big corporate clients such as Walmart, KPMG, Bayer and Coca-Cola. Expect them to make a splash in the US market as they focus on delivering consumer and competitor insights.


Pitch line: Homely is an on-demand marketplace that matches trusted cleaners with people who need cleaning services in their home or office space. Homely operates in an easier, faster and safer way thanks to the technology and predictive models they have built.

Bottom line: Homely has already made waves in Mexico as they have already matched more than 34K services, have more than 400 keepers registered on the platform, and launched in a new city (Guadalajara). Homely is looking to capitalize on opportunities within the US market and will be launching a pilot in NYC. Look out for them!


Pitch line: Automat-IT is a DevOps software company solving long-standing challenges with Dev, QA, and Prod environments, improving environment provision time from days and weeks to 15 minutes. Its product EaaS is an automatic, self-service, and fast Environment as a Service to provision and manage environments in organizations large and small.

Bottom line: Automat-IT has a proven track record as they have already worked with large scale customers in the insurance industry, a stock exchange, and a large healthcare technology company. Automat-IT is focusing on delivering value to new U.S. based clients as they are positioned to gain traction and success in NYC as they grow.