• NUMA New York

Announcing our January 2018 Cohort!

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

NUMA is excited to introduce the five startups joining us for our January 2018 cohort. Before being accepted into our program, each company was put through a highly selective process. Of the 600+ startups that applied, we admitted less than 1%. Our five startups are product-market ready and have traction either in their domestic market or in the US. Over the course of the ten week program, our companies will work to build out their traction in B2B sales, B2C user acquisition or fundraising in the US market. Read below to learn more about the companies who have joined us:

Cultura Colectiva

Pitch line: Cultura Colectiva is a viral media outlet that uses data-driven technology to reach millennials.

Bottom line: Cultura Colectiva has already begun to generate massive buzz in the Mexican market gathering over 22 million followers on Facebook. You can expect Cultura Colectiva to make a big splash if they are able to replicate their success and reach here in the US!


Pitch line: Lya is your personal social assistant, connecting you to people who share your values in under 59 seconds!

Bottom line: Following testing in France that got many people excited about such a product, Lya is ready to bring people together in one of the biggest cities in the world.


Pitch line: TRATO is a blockchain-based contract lifecycle management system featuring software that automates and simplifies legal processes in an easy to use interface

Bottom line: Hitting the ground running, Trato has already piqued the interest of many enterprise companies looking to cut away legal inefficiencies, expect Trato to capitalize on early interest as they try to make big waves.


Pitch line: Amplemind is a nimble, multi-disciplinary and design-focused technology agency based in Guadalajara, that works seamlessly with Agencies and Startups and specializes in native mobile apps, web apps and responsive websites.

Bottom line: Amplemind is a successful technology agency with $650k in revenue, 25 employees and a 75% rate of being rehired! If Amplemind is able to gain the traction in New York that they have in every other region they’ve targeted, you know they will continue to grow.


Pitch Line: Luv.it is a curated social marketplace that connects conscious individuals with ethical and sustainable brands.

Bottom Line: Luv.it Already has 180 designers on its platform and a strong customer base on the West-Coast and Mexico. As they continue to build traction, look for them to help propel the $2.4 trillion fashion sector into the 21st century.