• NUMA New York

Introducing the Spring 2020 Cohort!

For the last two decades, NUMA has accelerated over 500 international startups and operated in 8 global markets. In 2017, we launched our New York office to identify the most promising early and growth stage international startups and support them with US market entry through our custom-tailored soft-landing acceleration program.

This week we launched our 8th cohort, with 6 incredible international startups:

HotWax Commerce (India)

Paiblock (Denmark)

Expat.com (Mauritius)

Akur8 (France) Datavora (Tunisia) Qudini (United Kingdom)

You can read more about the companies below, and keep checking back for updates as we go through the program together!

HotWax Commerce is an omnichannel-as-a-service solution that delivers integrated mobile commerce, OMS, and mobile POS. Our Solutions Suite includes click-and-collect, endless aisle, self-checkout, clienteling, store fulfillment, ultrafast mobile commerce, and more. 

The HotWax Commerce founding team has deep experience in delivering enterprise-grade e-commerce solutions in the US, UK, and India. Since 2001, the founding team has served as major contributors of Apache OFBiz and worked with clients including United Airlines, IEEE Computer Society, UPS, Cabi, and Warby Parker.

Participant: Anil Patel, Co-Founder & CEO

Paiblock (formerly Puut Wallet) is blockchain based and AI-capable all-in-one digital wallet platform that helps consumers get rid of their wallet in a way that is secure, seamless and social. Paiblock serves 10M users and has signed on over 80 brands, e-commerce companies, and banks. Businesses can leverage Paiblock's proprietary AI tools to foster brand loyalty and to enable predictive financial services. Paiblock also provides financial services with blockchain as a platform as an alternative to legacy financial messaging services.

Participant: Mark Arthur, Founder & CEO

Expat.com is the largest online social platform for expats, with over 56M users worldwide! Expat.com provides community, content, and services (insurance, banking, moving, etc) to help expats make their expatriation project a success! Expat.com is available in five different languages, and counts 2M unique visitors per month!

Participant: Julien Faliu, Founder & CEO

Akur8 developed a unique AI-based insurance pricing solution that automates risk modeling for insurance companies while keeping full transparency and control on the models created. Akur8 is the only solution on the market that bridges the machine learning and actuarial worlds. Akur8’s proprietary technology not only accelerates pricing time to market tenfold, it also increases the predictive power of the pricing models generated, and allows for better internal governance of pricing models and mechanisms.

Participant: Anne-Laure Klien, COO

Datavora empowers small and medium-sized businesses with e-commerce monitoring and market analysis updated in real-time, so they can compete with the likes of Amazon and other large brands, distributers, and resellers! Datavora collects data from over 2000+retailers, e-shops and marketplaces, and is available through an intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard with drag-and-drop, personalized analytics.

Participant: Oussamma Messaoud, Co-Founder & Chairman

Qudini equips retailers with a suite of digital tools to enhance customer experience, streamline branch operations and provide real-time insights to bolster critical decision making. Qudini has helped retailers increase store productivity, footfall, and conversion rates by up to 40%, and works with some of the most reputable retail brands in Europe, Australia, and Asia to deliver a seamless customer journey for millions across the world.

Participant: Raj Sangha, Commercial Director