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Looking Forward: Redefining Our New Normal in a Time of Uncertainty

By Alyssa Mullin

March 9th was the last day my coworkers and I worked in-person at our Chelsea office. It was a day full of moving around events, cancelling in-person meetings, and wondering where we were going to buy hand sanitizer! We left for our respective homes that evening, not realizing that over a month later we would still be working remotely and facing a completely new reality.

This is not business as usual.

As the world grapples with something so devastatingly large that the ripple effects impact nearly every aspect of our daily lives, we at NUMA New York have quickly realized that we need to adapt.

We’ve had to change some of our plans and direction in the past few weeks, but instead of getting stuck on what could have been, we are pushing forward into creating something new and reimagining what our contributions to our community are.

So, over these last few weeks we have:

  • Created resources for our NUMA community who have been affected by unemployment.

  • Called our friends who are sick, or scared, or confused about the current state of the world.

  • Used remote time flexibly to both support our community and to learn new things independently and with our colleagues.

  • Taken the time back from our previously grueling commutes to work on our roadmap and continue to ideate and push our thinking on what we can be and offer as work culture changes in the short term.

We’ll use the remainder of our time away from the office to rethink our mission, vision, and goals. Our colleagues and network will help us get through these trying times. There will certainly be some hard days ahead, but there will also be days filled with new ideas, unexpected collaborations, and virtual coffees to say hello.

We know that things cannot go back to the way they were pre-Corona, so we’re focusing on redefining what our new normal looks like and where we can make the biggest impact.

Let us know what you are doing in your business right now and if anything is working particularly well for you and your teams. We’d love to hear how this time is reshaping the way you’re looking at your long and short-term goals. And we’re always happy to grab a virtual coffee over Zoom!

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