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Make way for NUMA’s October 2018 Cohort!

The season may have changed and the temperature is dropping but there’s nothing stopping these 12 companies from all over the world in making their way to the US! For the Fall 2018 program, we received applications from more than 800 startups from many countries and industries and have chosen 12 companies from Mexico, Argentina, Israel, Germany, France, and Brazil to undergo our 10-week acceleration program. Throughout the program, these companies work to understand their market in the US, gain traction in B2B sales, acquire users, and start fundraising for expansion in the US.

Scroll below to learn more about our 12 companies:

Agua Piedra

Agua Piedra is the producer of some of the most exclusive and best tasting spirits editions in the world, with a strong focus on social collaboration with communities we work with.

Team: David Santillan Giles (Founder & Director)


They have engaged the most exclusive clients in the market in less than a year. Their list includes 4 of the Top 10 World Best Bars, luxury department stores as Harvey Nichols or Liverpool, restaurants with Michelin stars as Barbecua Piccadilly, luxury hotels as The Berkeley, Hotel Café Royal, Mondrian, Four Seasons to name a few.They also just opened up trade in Canada. Their government selected Agua Piedra Mezcal to be traded at their Signature Stores — the venues that only trade the most exclusive and leading brands in the spirits industry.


Atexto is the best way to teach machines to listen, understand and respond to humans automatically. Atexto converts unstructured data allowing our clients to obtain high-quality data sets to train, adjust and tune their machine learning models, to reach real 90% accuracy in real life situations.

Team: Brenda Mana Pastrian (Co-Founder & CEO)


They have paying customers in the US, Spain, Chile, Mexico, Peru and have $65K in revenue in 2017They currently have 244,000 contributors and have an Lifetime Value of $25K.Their monthly growth (an average for the last 6 months) is at 116%


By bringing behavioral evaluation to the beginning of the recruitment process, backed by data and hard science, BIZU mitigates bias and increases overall chance of hiring a good fit by ranking candidates from best fit to least fit with: company culture, the ideal profile for the job, competencies required and top performers personality patterns.

Team: Rafael Chaves (CEO France), Fellipe Bazilio (Global CEO)


After pivoting from a job board model to and HR analytics solution in 2017, Biz.u grew their revenues by 10x (from $3k to $30k) just with concierge prototypes with companies with +1k employees.This year, after the launch of their API in March, they are running proof of concepts and internship programs with some of Brazil’s major companies such as Itaú (the largest bank in Brazil), Sulamérica (Insurance), Gerdau (metallurgy), Whirlpool, and others.


ByPrice resolves the lack of transparency in the retail industry from a consumer and retailer & CPG perspective. Thus consumers can buy for the cheapest prices, while retailers & CPGs receive valuable information in order to optimize their pricing strategies.

Team: Julian Stastny (Co-Founder & COO)


A commercialization agreement with one of the biggest information companies worldwide; IQVia.


Drive aims to create cashless transactions in the auto industry and integrate all the products and services for the car such as: locate, access and pay for all the services related to the car.

Team: Rossana Escalante Hernandez (Co-Founder & CEO), Santiago Sanchez Sierra (Co-Founder)


Users love the current off-street payment experience: 4.8 rating on Apple Store and 3.7 rating on Play Store with +1,400 reviews. 93% of the transaction qualification are five and four stars.DRIVE APP has 14 full integrations (finished and in progress) with the automotive parking systems allowing to be a real option for big real state groups around the world. This is the primary asset because no other parking app has it.Most important Mexican and LATAM real estate groups are implementing DRIVE APP.They have an important alliance with MasterCard for LATAM.


Homie solves the inefficiencies of the long-term rental market through technology and disruption of an outdated process. Homie’s technology helps replace unnecessary guarantees and lower risks and operational costs. Both landlords and tenants go through a fast and streamlined process in which Homie takes care of property promotion, screenings using data science, rent collection, on-time payments, legal insurance and no requirement for any additional (and mostly useless) guarantees.

Team: Jordi Greenham (Co-Founder & CEO), Federico Stuht (CMO)


Broke the trust barrier for e-commerce in MexicoSuccessfully maintaining a 0.002% default rate against a 20% industry averageSteady 20% month-over-month growth (stock and rentals)


Hubstairs has developed a 3D modeling solution in the field of decoration. It offers an online decorating service for individuals and real estate professionals and connects consumers’ homes to home & living products & services.

Team: Alexandre de Vigan (Founder and CEO)


From One to One design service (10K€ month in revenues) to next-generation visual commerce (+120K€/month +2M€ pipeline) in 2 yearsFrom 1 client in France to more than 50 clients with presence in UK and Germany.Grown the company from 3 to 45 employees in 2 yearsRaised over $3.9 Million in funding


Innovesta is a Crowd Due Diligence platform for early stage investors and entrepreneurs. Innovesta enables investors to dynamically and easily access, ask and discuss essential information regarding critical investment decisions with relevant knowledge holders.

Team: Yali Harari (Co-Founder & CEO), Keren Kay (Co-Founder & CMO)


Working product30 POCsSigned agreements with communities & clients

Local Adventures

Local Adventures connects travelers with adventure experts to deliver “bucket list” expeditions. They find, validate and sell adventure trips that you will not find anywhere else. Local Adventures is an adventure marketplace that brings you the best adventure of your life, one click away. In the world, 67.5% of its population is vacationing and 60% of them are not happy with the current tourism offers, Local Adventures is somewhat more unique. They also understand the adventure guides and help them grow their business worldwide.

Team: Daniel Pena (Co-Founder & CEO)


They have achieved more than $100,000 USD in bookings on July, and they have kept that pace for August and SeptemberThis year, they achieved +3,000 bookings since they started in 2016They have more than 300,000 followers on their social networks


MatchX provides a revolutionary breakthrough to the worlds data needs, an end-to-end network solution that ensures increased data efficiency, increased data range, whilst reducing energy consumption and significantly reducing costs.

Team: Prajay Raghu (Global Key Account Manager)


MatchX provided solutions to Deutsche Bahn national train network, synchronizing their clock systems. As a result, MatchX has significantly reduced costs and increased the data range from 50 meters to 9 kilometers, whilst significantly reducing costs.MatchX is working with Bendigo in Australia to deploy gateways in harsh environments such as mountain tops and inaccessible roads. This is done in order to pair with fire and flood sensors to get a better sense of predictive data for the city’s planning commission to base decisions on.


Storelevel provides brands with in-store information, nationwide, on demand, using a crowdsourced community of more than 25,000 members that using our mobile app, can visit stores, answer questions or provide shopper feedback for brands in exchange for cash rewards.

Team: Manuel Trevilla (Founder)


They work with several of the international market leaders on their industries like GoPro, AB InBev, Nestlé, Adidas, Grupo Salinas. Customers have recommended them with other big brands.Their 3 main customers have been increasing the number of visits each month for the last 3 months.More than 30,000 successful missions -85% of their customers are recurring contracts. They have a presence in 100% of Mexico.


Synapbox is a content testing platform that helps you uncover the true insights about your customers using the advantages of recognition technologies and data analysis. We let our clients validate their content strategies and product roadmaps with real consumers using our technologies to gather, organize and analyze consumer data.

Team: Cristina De La Peña (Founder & CEO)


They had validated the idealization and development of more than 200 products and contents.Selected as one of the Top 25 startups on the Extreme Tech Challenge of Richard Branson. Synapbox was selected out of hundreds of global startups.