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NUMA New York & Theory Marketing Partners Launch A Virtual Sales & Marketing Program for Startups!

With summer in full swing, we welcomed a new cohort of startups to New York City… virtually! Together with our friends at Theory Marketing Partners, we’ve launched a new program to support early-stage entrepreneurs with sales and marketing strategies from the experts themselves.

We kicked off the Sales & Marketing Module of our new virtual accelerator today, with six inspiring international companies from India, Italy, Mexico, and Lebanon, who are identifying new opportunities to grow and innovate amidst the global crisis and are pounding the pavement harder than ever before!

Read more about the companies below:

Audiciones Latinas

Country: Mexico Participants: Stella Aguirre, Alejandra Bautista Escareno, Cinthya Huerta

Audiciones Latinas is the first marketplace that connects entertainment artists with producers/directors/independent creators in the industries of film, music, television, and theatre to collaborate in the creation of artistic projects around the world. Audiciones Latinas has the largest database of artists in the Spanish-speaking market with 40,000 artists in just 6 months from the beta launch. They have developed an aAI-powered, machine learning algorithm that recognizes physical features of artists based on their user profile and connects them to the right recruiters to land a job perfectly matched for them.


Country: Mexico Participants: Fernando Braun, Nessim Zouaoui

Hishi’s mission is to simplify skincare and take out all the guesswork by providing a customized solution. Hishi manufactures customized skincare products through the use of carefully selected natural ingredients and technology. Hishi developed two proprietary algorithms: one that allows them to understand people’s skin and customize a product out of 17,000 different possibilities, and the second which allows them to produce a bottle under 30 seconds!

Polar Stork

Country: Lebanon Team: Christian Chemaly, Leny Chemaly

Polar Stork delivers a service on-par with hiring an in-house development team in terms of quality of deliverables, ownership and project involvement, without the cost implication of searching, hiring and hosting talents in-house on a full-time basis. Their mission is to let founders focus on their industry and business expertise, while ensuring their technology pushes them forward. Polar Stork recognizes the value of talent and is committed to provide the best working environment for their team.


Country: India Participants: Satej Sirur, Anurag Dwivedi, Karan Rao

Rocketium is a creative automation platform helping brands and businesses improve in-app and website conversions through video and display banner automation. Their solutions create and deliver hyper-relevant banners and videos on the clients’ app. Rocketium’s creative automation engine helps anyone make thousands of customized visuals so users see attractive banners instead of bland images. Then the visual optimization engine delivers relevant creatives that have up to 3X more conversions. This technology is used by leading e-commerce apps like Amazon and UrbanClap.Today, Rocketium is used by marketers, designers, ecommerce managers, and product managers of over 120K+ companies across 95+countries.


Country: Italy Participant: Silvia Vanni

Buy less, Rent more. Access an infinite wardrobe, where sustainable sharing is the philosophy! ShareMyBag is the first international marketplace for peer-to-peer fashion rental. Hailed as the Airbnb of fashion, they allow women to live fashion in a more sustainable way enabling them to access the wardrobe of other users, reduce environmental impact and keep up with the latest fashion trends!

Veda Labs

Country: India Participant: Vivek Singh

Founded in 2019, Veda labs is an AI platform that provides restful APIs for image filtration and segmentation, facial recognition, object detection, camera/device health etc. Their solution is used by retail companies to determine footfall and demographics, unique vs repeat customers, loitering time of the consumers, interaction time with sales executives, and more. These data points help brands obtain better product placement, geo-location conversion, real-time alerts, dynamic pricing, higher ROI, increased customer LTV, and better overall customer experience.

— — — If you want to get involved with NUMA as a mentor please email our Program Director, Giulia, at giulia.i@numa.co. To participate in our final Expert Roundtable event on August 14th please contact our Program Manger, Shai, at shai.t@numa.co.