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NUMA New York Welcomes Its First Fully Virtual Cohort!

At NUMA, we’ve had the privilege of supporting startups disrupting their industries for over 20 years across the globe, and thus, we strongly believe that challenges are opportunities in disguise. That’s why we developed a new, virtual accelerator program for early-stage international startup founders. Our bi-modular program equips startups with the knowledge, resources, and tools they need to get a head start on global expansion while supporting our alumni in this challenging time.

In our first virtual module on Fundraising, which we kicked off on July 6th, we have 20 incredible companies from India, Mexico, Switzerland, Israel, Ukraine, Spain, and Denmark.

Learn more about the companies below:


Country: India Industry: FinTech Investment ask: $1.5M

Aagey.com is the First Digital Lending MarketPlace Platform providing debt solutions for Private Banks, PSBs, Co-operative Banks, NBFCs, and Fintech companies by blending cutting edge technology with personalized financial advice. Aagey developed a unique automatic credit engine that captures 5000+ data points from the Financial Docs, Credit Bureau report and KYC, and computes/evaluates a Serviceability Score Card. Their credit engine evaluates across 12-dimensional vectors accessing close to 3L combinations for each application.

Atlantia Search

Country: Mexico Industry: Market Research Investment ask: $4M

Atlantia Search is the largest marketplace for consumer insights. They make market research easy, fast and accessible, helping companies to understand products, brands, consumers, locations, ads etc.

Bambu Money

Country: Mexico Industry: FinTech Investment ask: $1.5M

Bambu is creating an all-in-one bank membership designed from its foundations to improve individuals’ financial quality of life In Mexico, people’s finances are impacted by bad habits and poor decision-making processes due to lack of knowledge, in addition to being almost impossible to access high-value financial products and service levels due to the oligopoly-offer existing market. Bambu’s vision and mission is to change the status quo to increase people’s life quality by streamlining their finances. How? Co-creating side-by-side with the customers to make finance best practices simple, achievable, and cool for everyone.


Country: Mexico Industry: Food & Beverage Investment ask: $100K (50% committed)

CURIAN is a global concierge platform devoted to connecting epicurean brands to their consumers through the world of cocktails, pairings and leisure. They provide a global digital solutions for spirits producers and hospitality industry brands with their consumers with AR & E-Commerce in an scalable and efficient way. Curian’s vision is to connect people with their brands and allow brands to improve their service and trade channels in an effective, scalable and affordable way using Curian’s technology.

Detect Technologies

Country: India Industry: RetailTech, Oil & Gas Investment ask: $14M

Detect Technologies resides at the intersection of patented hardware and intelligent algorithms and creates value for its industry partners by enabling development of real time predictive capability. From its inception in 2016, Detect has achieved market penetration of 80% in the Oil & Gas sector within India and is also present in other process industries such as Steel, Power, Chemical and Fertilizers. During the COVID-19 crisis, Detect Technologies has been working with a variety of stakeholders to provide tech-enabled responses including AI-based smart detection for retail stores, digital platforms for health monitoring and drone based communication for rural communities.


Country: Switzerland Industry: Marketing Tech Investment ask: $5M (committed 30%)

Faveeo developed an AI-platform that finds trusted networks of thought leaders on any topic. Their AI selects and packages the best content from these great sources into a series of dynamic and automated newsletters that are accessible to users for free. Faveeo’s newsletters offer free access to the best of social,without the hassle of having to find all the good sources and content themselves.


Country: Israel Industry: HealthTech Investment Ask: $3M

Geneyx is a cloud-based platform that enables pharma and biotech labs to manage, share and monetize their clinical-genetic data.The addressable market for Geneyx is exceeding $600M in the next 5 years, a 1% of over 60M patients that will be genetically sequenced in labs and hospitals world-wide.


Country: UK Industry: SportsTech Investment Ask: $1M

Golfscape is the leading SaaS reservations platform and worldwide marketplace for golf courses. Golfscape aims to be the world leader in online golf bookings, and the premier technology provider for golf course operations.


Country: Mexico Industry: Beauty, Cosmetics Investment ask: $1M

Hishi’s mission is to simplify skincare and take out all the guesswork by providing a customized solution. Hishi manufactures customized skincare products through the use of carefully selected natural ingredients and technology. Hishi developed two proprietary algorithms: one that allows them to understand people’s skin and customize a product out of 17,000 different possibilities, and the second which allows them to produce a bottle under 30 seconds!

Lease Exchange

Country: Ukraine Industry: Mobility, Automotive Tech Investment ask: n/d

Lease Exchange’s mission is to take the already existing lease transfer process, simplify it, and ultimately create an alternative method of leasing vehicles. Lease Exchange connects users who are looking to get out of their auto lease with users who are looking to take a lease under more favorable conditions.

Local Adventures

Country: Mexico Industry: Travel Investment ask: $500K

LocalAdventures is a travel experience aggregator, the “OYO Hotels” for local experiences. LocalAdventures connects travelers with adventure experts to provide once-in-a-lifetime experiences, but unlike other travel booking sites, they validate technical knowledge of each expert on the platform to ensure safety.Local Adventures has grown at a 3X ratio over the years with over 10,000 travelers that have booked an experience from more than 30 countries around the world. The company is cash flow positive, and have been bootstrapping their growth with a total investment to date of $250k.


Country: Mexico Industry: FashionTech Investment ask: n/d

The company is co-founded by Germán Ahumada (COO), Fernando Trueba (CEO) and Rodrigo Higuera (CTO), and is a recently launched app and digital platform in Mexico that offers more than 300 designers who meet at least one of the six axes of the company, which are: free of animal cruelty, artisan manufacturing, human, sustainability, local and inventive.With more than 30 national and international brands, Luv.it, focuses on the commercialization of sustainable fashion.


Country: Mexico Industry: SportsTech Investment ask: $500K — $1M

Pitz is the sponsorship marketplace for amateur footballers. The PITZ App allows amateur footballers to easily organize their teams (attendance, lineups, results, financials, statistics), track their activity and interact with other players. Based on each player’s real-life activity and historical performance, Pitz gives them access to sponsorships and prizes, simulating the professional player/team life, with the goal of democratizing the access to sports sponsorships.


Country: Mexico Industry: UrbanTech Investment ask: $2.5M

Plántica is an Urban Tech company that offers affordable and high-quality environmental services through a B2B2C subscription model. Our offering includes: design, installation and maintenance of urban gardens, such as Vertical Gardens, Green Roofs and Indoor Gardens. Plantica’s key differentiators are: Design (Landscape Architecture), Science (Biotechnology + Botany) and Technology (IoT + IT) expertly integrated through an online platform with showrooms. Plantica’s mission is to improve the city’s ecosystem by adding high performance vegetation to our daily life. Our goal is to reach 97 sq ft of Urban Green Space per Inhabitant by 2030.


Country: Denmark Industry: Enterprise Tech Investment ask: n/d

Plytix is a product information management platform designed and priced for small and medium sized businesses. A powerful solution that is easy to use, and won’t break the bank. Where competing solutions invest in sales, Plytix invests heavily in having the best User experience, customer support and corporate culture. Plytix had a 23% MoM growth in MRR in 2019 and received a prize from Digital Europe and the European Commission for best SMB startup in Europe. The founders are Danish and Spanish and draw their expertise from their time in Google.

Royal Brothers

Country: India Industry: Mobility Tech Investment ask: $3.5M

Royal Brothers wants to break mobility barriers and change how people experienced bike rental in India. Today, they are present in 40+ cities and have throttled their way across the world. The team at Royal Brothers is reimagining shared mobility and is powered up to create a trusted bike rental platform for their users.


Country: Ukraine Industry: Photography, Investment ask: n/d

Skylum is a global imaging technology company that allows millions of photographers to make incredible images faster. We automate photo editing with the power of Artificial Intelligence yet leave all the creative control in the hands of the artist. The Skylum team has won the Red Dot Award, Apple’s Best of the Year, and other top industry awards. We’re the makers of Luminar, Photolemur, AirMagic, and Aurora HDR.


Country: Spain Industry: Marketing Tech Investment ask: n/d

SocialPubli.com is a self-serve marketplace that connects marketers with micro-influencers to generate word-of-mouth recommendations at scale on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, and blogs. It’s the only opt-in influencer marketing platform with 150,000+ influencers in 35 countries and an audience that reaches over two billion people. SocialPubli has 7 offices around the world and over $1.5M in revenue.

Veda Labs

Country: India Industry: RetailTech Investment Ask: $4M

Founded in 2019, Veda labs is an AI platform that provides restful APIs for image filtration and segmentation, facial recognition, object detection, camera/device health etc. Their solution is used by retail companies to determine footfall and demographics, unique vs repeat customers, loitering time of the consumers, interaction time with sales executives, and more. These data points help brands obtain better product placement, geo-location conversion, real-time alerts, dynamic pricing, higher ROI, increased customer LTV, and better overall customer experience.


Country: Israel Industry: E-commerce Investment ask: $3M

WeBuy is the first shopping platform that connects people and local businesses, on-demand and in real-time. WeBuy is going to change the way we shop and the way we think about shopping. Up until now everyone has gotten used to the fact that the consumer has to go search for the product or service that they need, but WeBuy is changing all that. From now on, consumers just have to make a wish and sit back while businesses make their offers. The great part is that businesses don’t have to work hard in this model either. WeBuy serves businesses with hot leads and tools that allow them to save money and time, while making educated and targeted decisions.

If you want to get involved with NUMA as a mentor please email Giulia at giulia.i@numa.co. To participate in our final Investor Roundtable event on July 17th please contact Shai at shai.t@numa.co.