• NUMA New York

NUMA Takes a Bite of the Big Apple

When some organizations seek to build walls, NUMA builds bridges bringing startups from Mexico, Ukraine, France, Turkey, Tunisia, India, and more to launch their American Dream in the New York ecosystem.

NEW YORK (April 23rd, 2018) — As critics claim the power of Silicon Valley is fading, the exciting buildup of entrepreneurial activity in New York City positions it to dethrone the California city and become the Tech capital of the world. New York is a city with a history of exceptional resource access, proximity to the fortune 100’s, and fundraising. It comes as no surprise that the Big Apple was recently ranked the #2 startup ecosystem in the world, fifth for the number of seed stage investments and in Q4 of 2017 even exceeded the Valley in Venture Capital. On top of its unique access to great talent, fundraising and number of potential clients, New York also consistently ranks among the top cities for women to build their ventures.

Immigrants have been a key driver of innovation in New York and in the US for years. Of today’s tech companies valued at over $1 billion, 51% claim an immigrant founder, 5 times more than the percentage of immigrants in the general population. As the city in the US with the largest population of immigrants and with the expectation of continued immigrant economic contribution, New York will continue to play a key role in facilitating the US innovation economy. Commenting on the potential for New York to attract the top founders of the future, NUMA New York’s Managing Director, Aviva Markowicz, recently claimed that “Despite the uncertain political climate of a country built on the backbone of immigration, the adage, ‘If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere,’ still glistens in the eyes of international entrepreneurs.”

NUMA, one of the original global accelerator brands, has taken this adage to heart and opened offices in the heart of Manhattan where it now runs the first accelerator dedicated solely to international companies. NUMA brings to New York its unparalleled expertise working with global entrepreneurs.

NUMA New York has built an intense 10 week program for rapidly growing non-US post-seed and post-series A startups. NUMA opens doors into this bubbling market and works with founders to translate their business practices and make the right adaptations and connections in the ecosystem. Startups meet with successful entrepreneurs, have access to mentorship, business development opportunities, investment, and prospective corporate accounts.

Startups currently taking part in the NUMA cohort include one of the most promising Mexican startups, Cultura Colectiva (a top 20, by viewership, global media brand), as well as Photolemur (Ukraine), and Lya (France, Tunisia). As NUMA has received +350 applications so far for its next cohort as applications continue pouring in, you can expect every continent to be represented!

About NUMA:

Numa was founded in 2000 as a non-profit in Paris where it built the city’s first accelerator and co-working space. After raising investment and transitioning to a for-profit company in 2013, NUMA went global and now operates seed and growth stage accelerators, Datacity programs (a municipal innovation initiative) and open innovation partnerships in Bangalore, Barcelona, Berlin, Casablanca, Mexico City, Moscow, New York and Paris.


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