Company Profile: Puut Wallet

Country of Origin: Denmark


Founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, Puut Wallet is blockchain based, AI-capable, all-in-one digital wallet platform that helps consumers get rid of their physical wallet in a way that is secure, seamless and social.

But Puut Wallet is more than just a digital wallet platform. Businesses can leverage Puut Wallet's proprietary AI tools to foster brand loyalty and to enable predictive financial services. In addition, Puut Wallet provides financial services with blockchain-as-a-platform as an alternative to legacy financial messaging services.

Puut Wallet serves over 11M users, generates a $7,000,000 monthly transaction volume, and has $500,000,000 assets under management. We’re launching open banking in April to cover 18 US banks and over 120,000,000 bank accounts as a first step towards increasing CLTV.




Mark Arthur

Founder & CEO