U.S. Expansion Startup Program in the heart of New York

NUMA New York works with growth-stage international startups looking to scale within the U.S. and global markets. 

Are you ready for the U.S. market?


Our program focuses on  adaptation into the local NYC ecosystem and scaling best strategies in B2B Sales, B2C User Acquisition, Raising Investment, and many others.

Local & international


Office space and access to international alumni & contacts

Hands-on programming & curriculum

Weekly roadmap execution with Program Director and Mentor in Residence

Game-changing mentors & partners

Dedicated mentors, 1:1 sessions with experts and workshops

Technical Partners and Amenities

Advantages and perks from more than 70+ partners

Business and Investor network

Corporate client and VC / Business angel introductions

Based in the heart of NYC

You will be immersed in one the greatest startup hubs in the world


NUMA New York’s program is dedicated to growth-stage

startups within a wide range of industries. Your company

would be a good fit if:


  • You have already raised a first round of $500K - $5M

  • You have tangible traction in your local market 

  • You are looking to scale your activity in the U.S.

We work with our entrepreneurs on go-to-market strategy, product market fit, customer, investor and partner introductions, and more.

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The design of the program is based on the accelerator model used by serial entrepreneurs and innovators to help growth-stage startups scale in the US.

WEEKS 1 & 2

Setup & Immersion

  • Mentor Madness/ Meeting the NUMA Network

  • ​Due Diligence with the Mentor In Residence

  • Definition of US Roadmap & KPIs​

  • Learning about US specific practices

Structure & Build

  • Learning from Sales, Marketing and Fundraising Experts

  • Tailored mentoring sessions that are outcome driven

  • Prepare your structure for high-performing execution

Execution & Scale

WEEKS 5-10
  • Close monitoring of KPIs and roadmap

  • Mentoring sessions focused on key challenges

  • Connections with relevant key decision makers in your industry

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NUMA New York saves entrepreneurs critical time and money by building repeatable processes that scale faster and more efficiently. By the end of the program our companies:

Gain traction in the U.S. market

Are ready to hire and scale in the U.S.

Have a repeatable and scalable sales process

Our Terms

Our 10-week program will position your venture for success in the U.S. market.


Selected companies may participate under a non-equity agreement consisting of a flat fee.

In select cases, companies may be selected to participate under a warrant basis or more fleixble terms.


Apply to our Spring 2020 Cohort

Featured Mentors

Ismail Salhi
Founder and CEO
at Qleek
Simmone Taitt
Head of Sales
at KidPass
Alban Denoyel
Co-Founder and CEO at Sketchfab
Chip Massey
Founder and CEO of Plowshare Communications
Jaime Coakley
CEO at TwentyPine
Kelcey Gosserand
Speaker, Writer and Blockchain evangelist at women + blockchain, Trellis NYC and City AI
Joseph Sartre 
Partner at Bleu Capital
Ajay Yadav
Founder and CEO at Roomi




Alley Chelsea

119W 24th Street

4th floor

New York, NY 10011